Resimplify is where all interfaces get reviewed.

Interfaces are everywhere now like the screen in front of you. And they are quickly expanding everywhere. Problem is that not very many are publicly analyzing current interfaces and rethinking how they could be improved.

We focus on the function by rethinking the just ok or poor interfaces and applauding the good.

Structures, layouts and reasonings behind interfaces are under the spotlight and talked about here.

Think of your screen as the top, most visible layer — the interface. And the experience, what we all care about, is underneath. Functions are concrete. Forms can be played with.

We could say we don't care about how something looks. That's not true. Looks matter, otherwise it really wouldn't be an interface. Looks are the beginning to capturing our attention. What follows is peeling back that top layer.

This is what we do best. This is Resimplify.


Retelling our story.

To better understand Resimplify and why our values and views on design are the way they are you need to know our founding story with Derek Jensen, our founder, at the center.

Childhood for Derek was mostly spent sketching new buildings and parking lots for his Micro Machines and building very purposeful, clean environments with his Legos. And then moving into his early teens he developed the desire to draw floor plans of homes. With his father in the background designing their next family home the idea of design meant a lot to Derek for its ability to solve a problem in a very artful way.

Fast forward to freshman year in college, Derek is getting into the exercise and hobby of blogging. He is also the technology opinion columnist for his university's newspaper and at this point more and more people own handheld devices to get them through the day. 

Then he bought his first iPhone in 2012 after owning an iPod touch for a few years. Now apps served a purpose in his life due to the added convenience of internet practically anywhere and everywhere. Then he joined Dribbble where app icons and app interfaces were the favorite of what's shared there. 

Derek began sketching interfaces for his ideas as well as really critique the work of others. Not to critique to complain, but to show his taste and desire for design that was better to him. Design to Derek is minimal in a way that eliminates personality in favor of great personal intent.

If there is a butterfly flutter from paragraph to the next while I read it should not be there because it's cool. It should be there to either match the personality of the experience at hand or simply that it does serve a purpose for a better experience amongst the user. 

Design was and will always be at the core of Derek. Derek started Resimplify based upon the idea of rethinking what is already real for something better understood. 

Resimplify is & will continue to push design forward by reviewing & critiquing interfaces.