Resimplify is a new wireframe studio Making interfaces.

Interfaces are everywhere now like the screen in front of you. And they are quickly expanding everywhere. Problem is that not very many are publicly analyzing current interfaces and rethinking how they could be improved. No shadows or pixel alignment here.

All-in on better foundations.

Think of your screen as the top, most visible layer — the interface. And the experience, what we all care about, is underneath. Functions are concrete. Forms can be played with. We focus on the function by rethinking the just ok or poor interfaces and applauding the good.

Better understanding begins.

Better understanding of why certain interfaces don't feel right, which is really saying what interfaces don't work. Something may look muddy with a clear solution that works. Here structures, layouts and reasonings behind interfaces are under the spotlight and talked about.

It's an interface, stupid. 

We could say we don't care about how something looks. That's not true. Looks matter, otherwise it really wouldn't be an interface. Looks are the beginning to capturing our attention. What follows is peeling back that top layer. This is what we do best. This is Resimplify.

Meet Derek.

Hey guys. At a very young age I would play with Legos, Micro Machines, and Tonkas. How I played was different than any kid. I cared a lot about design, rather than just building or messing around.

I overthink or analyze too much many of my interactions mainly because I do this with design. And my favorite part about designing is understanding the problem and the challenge of figuring out what solutions feel right.

I'm twenty-five and still love sketching. Interfaces are everywhere and my mission is to ensure they are all good. Good not just looking good. And many still view good design and looking good. I was sick of it. This is why I created Resimplify where interfaces are simply explored.